What is ChargeU


ChargeU is a European brand of charging stations and accessories for electric and hybrid vehicles. Specialization is a smart portable charger and accessories. These charging stations have become the first in the world to be remotely controlled via Wi-Fi from any smartphone, tablet or computer. Work on the project began in 2011 in Dortmund, Germany. Production facilities are located in Germany and Poland. As an environmental project supported by the program of the Federal Government of Germany until 2020 and is subsidized.

Brand equipment ChargeU in the Ukrainian market since 2015. ChargeU Pro 40A is the first portable station in Ukraine for accelerated charging (exposition EcoDrive, International Exhibition Center, Kiev, 2016). At that time – the only alternative to standard chargers with unique power control technology, the ability to charge in different weather conditions and a dual protection circuit. The product, from the first samples, is localized and corresponds to the standards of domestic power grids.

The product became popular among owners of electric vehicles because it helped recharge from power connectors quickly at public stations. This allowed us to move between cities without the infrastructure. For several years the market has been filled with self-made parodies on ChargeU. Some samples repeat the appearance by changing the color and logo, but they are unsafe.

The ChargeU brand also contributed to the development of Ukraine’s first charging infrastructure. In the original portable stations were installed power connectors for charging in public places. From them, as a rule free of charge, the owners of ChargeU could be charged. With the advent of cheap self-made equipment, the infrastructure project was closed.

Since 2017, a full-fledged representation of ChargeU in Ukraine has been opened with a show-room in the shopping center “Arcadia”. Regional representatives of the manufacturer started working in the largest cities of Ukraine. The certified service was available to the users in partnership with EVSE SERVICE, Kyiv.

For many years of e-mobility development in Ukraine, representatives of the European brand have accumulated vast experience in the use of electric and hybrid cars of European, Japanese, American and other markets. You can easily get a free consultation on charging an electric vehicle or preparing and connecting electric grids for charging electric vehicles.

Since 2018, commercial modifications of the stationary charger are entering the market. Such stations are provided for the charging business and for the organization of parking lots, electric fleets.

The company’s ChargeU equipment is reliable and technologically advanced. Charging stations support the upgrade capability. The development team has been improving accessories for more than 7 years. For available updates, follow the page of the Ukrainian representative office https://www.facebook.com/chargeu.com.ua/

ChargeU Ukraine exclusively supports and promotes the European brand – EVTUN (chip-tuning of electric and hybrid cars https://evtun.com/ev-phev-products.html) The manufacturer is one of the most experienced companies in Europe in the field of improving the dynamic characteristics. For electric vehicles this is primarily an increase in mileage.

The representative office is a partner and participant of the largest electromobile events EVIM, Plug-In, EcoDrive.

Only use branded certified equipment! This will protect your health, life and your property from negative consequences! Perfect your space with smart equipment of quality European manufacturers!