Exchange the regular charger for a new, more reliable one

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Standard chargers significantly reduce the power of electric vehicle users and hybrids. They charge more slowly. Do not match the weather conditions in use. Typically, such equipment is simply not provided for our power grids.

Most of the regular charges that come from the car have a steady power close to 2.5kW / h. Charging modern electric cars can take up to 2 days. Changing to a portable station, it is possible to increase the charging speed by 1/3 from the usual outlet.

The charger cases are marked with a degree of protection, the so-called IP By IP numbers the conditions for which it is possible to safely use charging equipment are determined. Usually this degree should exceed the conditions of real use, so that the device also served in the post of warranty period. On most regular chargers, this value does not exceed IP54 and can not be used in open space during high humidity, rain, or snow.

But this is not the worst thing that happens with electric car users. Due to the inability to reduce power, it is prohibited to connect a standard device to any extension cords. The standard unit overheats household electrical extensions and can lead to a fire.

Standard battery packs of American origin need to be refurbished. Sometimes you should not spend money on it because of their poor adaptability. It is possible to exchange even American non-refurbished chargers on branded chargers ChargeU.

The reliability of ChargeU equipment is due to serial European production. There is a modification of equipment for electric cars of European, American, Japanese origin and other countries of the world.

Additional features and assortment of accessories will help to simplify and improve the use of your electric vehicle.

For details about the conditions, please contact ChargeU Representative Office in Ukraine or from regional representatives.



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    какие условия обмена?