Charger for Nissan Leaf, Nissan eNV-200

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Standart chargers Nissan are presented in 2 generations, 2 types and several modifications. Such portable stations are equipped with all electric vehicles Nissan since 2010. The manufacturer of equipment is the corporation Panasonic, Japan.


Types of connectors

From 2010 to 2017, all electric vehicles of Nissan had an alternating current (AC) connector Type 1 J1772. That is, the electric car in all markets had a single connector, and the chargers differed only in the characteristics of the power grid.

In January 2013, the European Union adopted a single European standard Type 2 (Mennekes), which obliges car manufacturers to change the connector with the renovation of existing or the release of new models of electric vehicles and plug-in hybrids.

Since 2018, the updated Nissan Leaf for the European market comes with a Type 2 connector. To the American and Japanese market as before, – Type 1.



Chargers went out in 2 generations. The first generation of stations differed in size and weight. Such portable stations were manufactured from 2010 to 2012. Modifications differ in power 10A ~ 2,2kW, 12A ~ 2,7kW, 16A ~ 3,7kW and input voltage depending on the supply market.

In the second generation, the body of the station has almost halved. This freed up more space in a standard bag (backpack), which is fixed in the trunk. In this generation the modification calculated for 16A ~ 3,7kW disappeared.


For the American market is more often 12A ~ 2.7kW, for the European 10A ~ 2.3kW.

The body of Panasonic portable stations corresponds to the degree of protection IP56. It is not protected from dust ingress, but it can not adversely affect the operation of the device.

It withstands direct water jets, but is not intended for immersion. Therefore, it is necessary to limit the use in the open space to a shower.


Сравнительная таблица:

CharacteristicsType 1

10 Amps

Type 1

12 Amps

Type 1

16 Amps

Type 2

10 Amps

ChargeU mini

6-16 Amps

Maximum power, kW / h2.
Degree of housing protectionIP56IP56IP56IP56IP67
Cable typeRubberRubberRubberPlasticUltraflexible
Wire cross-section, mm22,02,02,52,52,5
Cable length from housing to connector, m6,76,76,76,75 (7,10*)
Weight, grams24502450310024502100
Lower trip threshold, Volt150150150150100
Using Extensionsforbiddenforbiddenforbiddenforbiddenenvisaged
Use of protective earthingnecessarilynecessarilynecessarilynecessarilyyes/no
Repairable Housing / Connectoryes/noyes/noyes/noyes/yesyes/yes
Second circuit protection (from electric shock)nononoyesyes
Sealed connector gasket (for Type 1)yesyesyesyes
Protective cap for connectoryesyesyesyesyes

* optional



Established portable stations of Nissan Leaf are subject to conversion from American electric network characteristics to European ones under service conditions. Unconverted American devices when changing only forks with time, fail, sometimes without the possibility of recovery. The staffing device is provided for charging with mandatory grounding as the only protection circuit. Pay attention, if the device is re-equipped so that it charges without grounding, it means that such a charging device is deprived of protection from electric shock and protection of the electric vehicle (inverter) itself, which is dangerous.

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