Charging Infrastructure of Portugal

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Portugal’s charging infrastructure consists of high-speed (AC) and fast charging stations (DCs).

Portable accelerated stations in Portugal usually have a built-in Type 2 Mennekes electrical connector. For charging from such stations, you need to have your own Type 2 Type, Type 2 – Type 2 or Type 2 – Tesla US, depending on the connector type of your electric car.

Rarely, there are stations that have a built-in cable with a Type 2. A connector (Type 2 connector) is charging from such stations, using a direct connection to the car. If your car has a different AC connector, a special adapter from Type 2 plug connector will be useful. Normal charging cable from public stations is not suitable in this case.

High-speed charging stations are usually found in three-standard. On the choice of DC connectors CHAdeMO and CCS Type 2. There is also a boot plug (plug) Type 2 for accelerated charging. You need to have an adapter described above. Most of these stations allow simultaneous charging through DC and AC connectors so if you expect the DC port to free you can recharge from the AC connector. For owners of Tesla to charge from the CHAdeMO connector, a special adapter is required. It exists in two modifications – Tesla US (from the American market) and Type 2 (from the European market).

Power connectors are sometimes found on charging locations. They are gradually replaced with Type 2 standard charging stations. These connectors can be connected directly to your ChargeU portable station or through adapters.

Household electrical grids are similar to Ukrainian ones. Network characteristic 230V ~ 50Hz. A household electrical outlet (Eurocard) has a typical F type for Ukraine. Details of the types of household sockets are available here. For charging from the sockets in hotels, find out in advance to have additional features

The largest charging network in Portugal has become MOBI.E with more than 1250 stations. Both accelerated and high-speed stations are available on the network. Charging stations have limited access, to activate the required card (in the future, a mobile application is planned). By the end of 2018, the charging service is free of charge. From 2019 it is planned to set a fee for tariffs close to 0,2 € for 1kW.

To get access to the MOBI.E charging network, you need to register at and receive a card in advance. In Ukraine, the company MOBI.E also sends them. The only difficulty is Portuguese, an online translator here.

If you decide to rent an electric car, please contact the international rental companies:

If you do not find the necessary car in the list, write them a message with a request.

In Lisbon, the carwash for Renault Zoe from Hertz is available.