Charger for BMW i3 i8 (electric vehicles, hybrids, motorcycles)

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BMW Chargers are designed by Delphi Technology. Such devices were equipped with electric and hybrid BMW cars until 2017. The design feature is the body coil, around which the charging cable is wound. The tape with a carbine fixes the assembled cable to the casing.

BMW’s electric and hybrid cars are supplied to the European market with portable stations that have Type2 Mennekes connectors.

For the American market, BMW electric motors come with chargers with Type 1 J1772 connectors

The case of Portable Stations Delphi corresponds to the degree of protection IP44.

It is not protected from dust, which can adversely affect the operation of the device.

The body withstands splashing in different directions, but does not involve direct jet of water. Consequently, it is necessary to refrain from charging in rain or snow.

For BMW i3 it is undesirable to carry a portable station under the hood in the tool department because of its lack of tightness. After washing with water, under pressure there is a large amount of it. The absence of a protective cap of the connector may cause water to come into contact with it.

Find out more about the degree of IP protection here.

Among the disadvantages is the permanent hall of the cable in the places of its exit from the case on both sides. Fine PVC insulation of the wire that connects to the power supply, breaks in the place of the cable gland. The station is sensitive to strong shocks or falls.

The Delphi portable station is not allowed to be used with any electrical extensions or adapters. Only use built-in wall outlets that are rated at 10 or 12 amps (depending on the station’s power). This is indicated on the back of the case. Chargers, converted from the American grid 120V to the European 230V, maintain the current power rating, which can determine the power of the station.

Comparative table


10 Amps


12 Amps

ChargeU mini

6-16 Amps

Maximum power, kW/h2.32.73.7
Degree of protection of the caseIP44IP44IP67
Type of cableRubberRubberUltraflexible
Intersection of wire, mm21,51,52,5
Cable length from case to connector, m5,05,05
Weight, grams191220002100
Lower cut-off threshold, Volt150150100
Using extension cordsis forbiddenis forbiddenprovided
Use of protective groundingis obligatoryis obligatoryyes/no
Case / connector shelf lifeyes/yesyes/yesyes/yes
Second circuit of protection (from shock) no noyes
Sealed Seal Seal (for Type 1) no noyes
Protective cap of the connector no noyes


EV Solutions

The regular BMW chargers supplied since 2017 are developed by AeroVironment.

The feature of the stations is the built-in power plug. This makes it easy to use because the case immediately connects to the wall outlet. It is also convenient to carry it, put it in a bag. Among the disadvantages – the impossibility of repairing when overheating the socket. As a result of overheating, the body deforms, which can not be replaced, as opposed to the possibility of replacing a conventional plug. It also makes it impossible to convert portable stations from the American market to the European standard or vice versa.

For charging electric motorcycles, BMW uses a Mennekes charger with Type 1 J1772 connector, regardless of country of delivery.

Modifications to charging stations ChargeU are designed to charge the electric cars BMW i3 i3s i8 iX3 X3 X5 2eDrive 3eDrive 5eDrive 7eDrive motorcycles C-Evolution


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