Charging stations for parking

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Centralized equipping of parking cars by charging electric vehicles becomes easier and cheaper.

For daytime or night parking, devices with a power of up to 3.7 kW or up to 7.4 kW are sufficient. In the ChargeU range, the minimum power is 1.4kW for each station and can be increased in increments of 0.23kW. The stations have a built-in electric cable. Estimated cost of the stations will be 330 € including VAT. The enclosure protection level is IP67. Present access control and control.

With such advantages and European quality, the ChargeU station is a reliable solution for the complete development of commercial, private parking lots and fleets.

Why do not you need to buy large and powerful chargers if this is a place of constant charge.


ChargeU charging mini series will charge up to 1.4-3.7kW / hour.

Hybrid cars with charging connectors have an average capacity of 14kW. Charged from such stations for 3-5 hours and travel on one charge about 50km.

Pure electric cars have a battery capacity of up to 40kW (most modern models). At these stations, they are fully charged within 10-12 hours. The mileage of such electric cars is approximately 250-300 km.

So, this is enough for the arrangement of the parking space for the minimum needs.


The ChargeU series charging stations are more versatile and will charge 1.4-7.4kW / hr.

Most modern electric vehicles will be fully charged for 5 one. Premium electric cars with a capacity of 70kW and more will be fully charged within 10-12 hours. The mileage of such cars is about 400-500 km.

Consequently, 22kW charging stations are ineffective both in terms of daily mileage and power distribution in the parking spaces.


Specifications for connecting charging stations

ChargeU mini, and ChargeU base have a single-phase connection. Recommended range of voltage 210V-240V. The maximum current is regulated by 6A … 16A, 6A … 32A. The connection is made to the terminal blocks of the distribution boxes.


Stations can be fully available for user management, open to view only or to work with fully restricted users. Several levels of access allow an administrator to restrict the power of one or a group of stations, change the state from Available to Blocked (for example, if not paid by the user).

ChargeU opens up individual options for managing electric vehicle fleets. Find out more here.

Installation of charging stations

The body of the station is closed in a special protective metal fastening. To support cables, a special bracket is used. Wall mounting is carried out by fixing metal elements to vertical surfaces. The enclosure’s protection layer protects against rain, snow. Operating temperature -32 ° C + 40 ° C.


How to easily open a charging business through the PrePaid system can be found here.

If you need help tailor solutions for your business, call the ChargeU Office in Ukraine at once.

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