Fully electric Jaguar I-PACE EV400 2019

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Novelty from Jaguar is positioned as “Art of Perfomance”

I-PACE EV400 – the first fully electric vehicle for the Jaguar Land Rover Group holding company. The car made in Austria in co-operation with the Magna Steyr Company. This model incorporates the latest technology of the holding and years of experience in the automotive industry.

This model is constructed as a competitor of the Tesla Model X. At acceleration (5 seconds to 100km / h) is more dynamic than 100D but slower than P100D. The car is fully exposed at speeds of 80 – 150 km / h. The all-wheel-drive I-PACE EV400 is less futuristic than Tesla, so it is understandable for owners who convert from fuel to electricity.

The range of EV400 predicts 500km on a single charge with quiet driving. This mileage provides a 90 kW lithium-ion battery (produced by LG). To extend the life of the battery, in the car integrated system of heating, cooling and air recirculation system from the cabin.

I-PACE is charged both as AC (AC) and DC (DC) through the CCS Type 2 Combo connector.
The Type 2 charging socket is single-phase, This means that, the contacts of the second and third phase in the connector are missing. The maximum charging speed via Type 2 is 40 km / h, consumption is 7.4 kW / h, 32A. For charging the car enough one-phase portable station ChargeU base 32A (CS-BT21) and its modifications.

The quick-charging connector of CCS Type 2 is capable of receiving DC power up to 100kW / h. The maximum speed at these stations is 80% of the capacity for 40 minutes of charging. The first I-PACE samples have a limit of 50kW / hour (80% per hour 20 minutes).

Sale of I-PACE EV400 in Ukraine is planned from 2019.

The testing was carried out at the world presentation of I-PACE, Lagos Portugal. Thanks to Jaguar Land Rover Deutschland GmbH for the weekly tests of the ChargeU charger and the functionality of the portable charging stations.