How to pick a charger for an electric vehicle or a hybrid car
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if you want to select AC charger, you need to answer a few questions. First, we determine the type of connector in the car. To select the correct modification of the charger, you need to determine the type of connector … Read More

Safety of using electric vehicles
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An electric vehicle can become a source of danger to life, health or property. Vendors of electric cars usually do not deal with the explanation of potentially dangerous situations associated with its use. On the other hand, sellers of dangerous … Read More

IP (ingress protection) ratings, and what they mean for your charging devices
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Any charger has a special IP marking on the body or its elements (International Protection Marking). Equipment from the American market may not have it, since it is part of the UL standard. The classification IP characterizes the degree of … Read More

How to prepare (equip) a place for charging an electric vehicle
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For equipment for charging an electric vehicle or a plug-in hybrid, you need to lay a line of electricity or use an already existing one. Different types of electrical outlets are available, from which you can charge the electric car … Read More

What you need to charge an electric vehicle
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First of all, it is enough to have access to the electric system for charging the electric car. It is convenient to charge the electric car at home or at work. Ideal when it is possible to charge the car … Read More

Why the electric plug of charger is warmed up
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Owners of electric cars are confronted with the phenomenon of overheating the plug of a portable charging station. In most cases, the problem is not in the plug itself of the charging station and in the outlet, extension cords or … Read More

What is 220V, 380V or the actuall value is 230V and 400V
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According to modern standards, the voltage in household electrical systems should correspond to 230 Volts. 400 Volts – the standard voltage for industrial electrical networks. In the USSR, the voltage in the electricity networks corresponded to 220 and 380 Volts. … Read More

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