How to pick a charger for an electric vehicle or a hybrid car

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if you want to select AC charger, you need to answer a few questions.

First, we determine the type of connector in the car.

To select the correct modification of the charger, you need to determine the type of connector in your electric car. With the appropriate connector, you should choose charging.

There are 3 main types of AC charging connectors – Type 1, Type 2, Tesla US. They differ in form.

You can find double connectors, where charging is connected only to the upper part, to the same Type 1 or Type 2. This does not affect the process of selecting the charger.


Secondly, we learn the limitations of power in the car

Most hybrid cars consume up to 3.7 kW. The exception is the modification of REX in cars from BMW. Some electric cars are also limited to 3.7 kW. To achieve maximum power for them, choose ChargeU mini.

Most of the fully electric cars in the world are single-phase with a limited maximum power of 7.4 kW. Even if your connector is in a car – Type 2, it does not mean that it is three-phase. There may be no contacts of the second and third phases. For such cars, the ChargeU base series will be optimal.

Pro series is worth choosing for American Tesla, Mercedes B-class, Toyota Rav4. Using this series it is possible to achieve the best result on the charging speed for these cars. The maximum power will be up to 9.2 kW / h. Stations can also charge other electric cars at lower capacities.

For European Tesla, Renault Zoe or other three-phase electric cars it is worth choosing the ChargeU MultiBase series, which will provide the maximum charging speed of such cars at 22kW / h. Other less powerful three-phase and single-phase electric vehicles can be charged at their maximum power, but not more than 7.4 kW / h in one phase.

Often for a three-phase electric car, it’s enough to charge one phase, for example, with a Base series. And as a quick charge to use public stations.

If the charging has a Type 2 connector, you can additionally purchase adapters for other types of connectors (Type 1 and Tesla US) in order to be able to charge 99% of the modifications of electric cars. This solution is the most universal if you plan to charge various electric cars.


Third, we need to know the maximum power in the network

It is necessary to determine the power that can be allocated for charging an electric vehicle.

If only household outlets (16A 230V) are available in the charging areas, and there is no prospect of adding a separate powerful line, it is worth choosing a compact ChargeU mini series. Even if you have a weak network or line at the same time used to power other devices, the station’s functionality allows you to set up charging according to your terms of use.

If you can use or bring a more powerful line of electricity in one of the charging sites, in this case it is worth choosing the ChargeU base series. The charger has a power connector which is directly connected to power outlets. Included transitional for charging from household outlets.

If you are limited in power and strive for a universal solution, you should choose a series of ChargeU Pro or MultiBase. The ChargeU Pro series is suitable for charging any single-phase electric cars at different capacities (up to 9.2 kW). MultiBase is ideal for fast charging of three-phase cars and for charging single-phase cars.

If any difficulties or questions arise, please contact the Representative in your area. We have many years of experience together with the first owners of electric cars in the country.


Calculate the charging speed.

To determine the final choice of the chosen series for you, calculate the maximum charging power

Maximum charging power per hourMaximum charging power per night (10 hours)Approximate speed charging*
ChargeU mini3,7 кВт37 кВт25 км/час
ChargeU base7,4 кВт74 кВт50 км/час
ChargeU Pro9,2 кВт92 кВт50 км/час
Chargeu MultiBase22 кВт220 кВт150 км/час

*- calculation for most all-electric cars

Knowing the capacity of the battery in an electric car, calculate which modification of the charging charge will be sufficient for charging overnight and the rate of recharging per day.


After choosing a charger, it can easily be connected to any professional electrician, corresponding to the tolerance category.


All series of stations are adaptive. The minimum power is 1.4 kW / h.

The timer function allows you to charge at night on one power, and recharge it during the day to another. Find out more here.

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